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If you 'd like to discuss our home theater services, we'd love to hear from you.

Access Streaming Video

With or without a full home theater system, watching movies and television goes far beyond the need for cable boxes and DVD players.  Streaming video services make it possible to watch your favorite shows any time and any place, so why should your home be any different?  Our solutions integrate your favorite streaming services with the video systems throughout your home.

Outdoor Video

Of course you can have an outdoor home theater; you just need the right equipment.  Where and when you want to watch helps determine what kind of video equipment you need.  For daytime viewing, we incorporate the most-up-to-date, weatherproof televisions into our solutions.  They can survive temperatures from -40° to 120° F.  But projectors for outdoor movie nights is an option, too!

Bringing it Together

We work closely with you to understand what you want in a home theater.  Here are just some of the things we can talk about:

  • Video Equipment, including projectors, TVs, screens, and streaming video units
  • Audio Equipment, including speakers and amplifiers
  • Networking Equipment, including wifi
  • Noise Reduction Techniques
  • Window Treatments
  • System Controls/Remote Consolidation

We look forward to working with you to integrate technology into your home to help you realize your own dream of a modern, atomic age home!

Home Theater

Home Theater

At Atomic HiFi and TV, we pride ourselves on staying in touch with all levels of home theater and automation technology.  We leverage our years of experience, technical knowledge, and do actual testing to find high performance equipment that puts a superior home theater experience within reach.

Create your Personal Cinema

Incorporating a theater experience into your home is becoming easier and easier.  Whether you are looking for a dedicated room with an exclusive personal cinema experience, or if you want your home theater to blend into another room of your home - we can help you!

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