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Snell Acoustics Frequently Asked Questions​

Snell Acoustics and FAQ

Atomic HiFi and TV Snell Acoustics Exclusive

In 2010, the Snell Acoustics line was discontinued by D&M Holdings.

At that time, we partnered with them to become their official service and warranty provider.  We acquired all of the original Snell Acoustics schematics, documentation, test equipment, master engineering references, operating procedures, and inventory.  Today, Atomic HiFi and TV remains the world's only authorized parts distributor and repair service for Snell Acoustics.  

We keep our inventory up to date with newly manufactured drivers, as well as vintage Snell-branded parts (like speaker feet and grilles).  Click here to browse the catalog.

In addition to our current business, we have been long-time colleagues of the former owners of Snell Acoustics, which included some co-product development ventures for Home Theater sound systems in the late 1990s.  So, our understanding of, and history with, the Snell product line runs fairly deep.

Have a look below to read through some of our Frequently Asked Questions.

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Do you have any documentation for my Snell Acoustics speakers?

We have a lot of the original owner's manuals and other documentation that we scan and post to our website.  You can look through our archive here.

Can I get a copy of the schematics for my Snell Acoustics speakers?

The short answer is, no.  We can not, and do not, distribute them. Due to our agreement with the brand owner of Snell Acoustics, Atomic HiFi and TV is not allowed to release any proprietary documentation, including amplifier or crossover schematics.

Are your Snell Acoustics drivers and components new or outdated stock?

All of the drivers we have in inventory are new.  They are not used or outdated drivers.  Every Snell Acoustics part or product you order from Atomic HiFi and TV is genuine and Snell Acoustics endorsed.  

We are the only place where the new driver you receive is guaranteed to be +/- 0.5dB from the master engineering reference - the long standing Snell Acoustics standard.

The foam around my speaker driver is rotted out.  What should I do?

It has always been the policy of Snell Acoustics not to re-foam their drivers.  The main reason is that changing any part of the driver will not produce the sound it originally had.

So while re-foaming might allow the driver to produce sound, other parts of the driver (like the cone) are likely damaged as well.  Because this is a popular topic, we have included some more information about Snell driver re-foaming here.

What do you get when you buy “hand tuned” drivers from Atomic HiFi and TV?

When Snell Acoustics made their speakers, the technicians used a rigorous process to match all systems to within ±0.5dB of the corresponding Master Reference.  Because Atomic HiFi and TV acquired all the Master References for all the product lines, we use them to follow that exact process when you order a replacement driver from us.

In addition to the driver itself, when you order from us, you receive a corresponding kit that includes all the parts you need to update your speaker to Snell Acoustics’ originally intended sound.  We use the Master References to match your driver to your model, and sometimes down to the serial number of your model.  Not all of Snell’s designs require an accompanying kit, but many do.

Lastly, when you buy replacement Snell Acoustics parts from Atomic HiFi and TV, we always offer free technical support to assist with any questions for installing the parts your purchased from us.​

When I receive a kit with my new driver, what is in it? 

Each driver model’s replacement kit matches Snell’s original Master Reference to within ±0.5dB.  That means that any kit can and will have varying accompanying parts.  However, in general, we would describe the kits by type.  So, in addition to the driver itself, replacement kits include some or all of the following:

  • Installation instructions
  • Any hand tuned crossover parts required by the Master Reference
  • A sealing gasket used at installation.
  • And, sometimes, customizations to mass-load the driver as required by the Master Reference

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