Atomic HiFi and TV uses industry leading equipment and techniques that meet high-quality, professional video standards.  Our Klein Instruments K10-A Colorimeter is considered the industry standard to achieve optimal results from video calibration.  Our state of the art Murideo test pattern generator handles the latest HDMI cable protocols, as well as the high resolution of 4K video.  We use these tools together with CalMan Pro color calibration software, which uses complex color calibration protocols and international standards to meet the highest color accuracy requirements, including those of Hollywood film professionals.

Our goal is to get the best picture possible from your equipment, including a broad range of colors, subtle shadows, and life-like details.  Maximize the features of your projector or television with ISF calibration.

Klein Instruments' K10-A Colorimeter

Video and Audio Calibration

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CalMan Color Calibration Software

Muriedo Test Pattern Generator

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​​​Atomic HiFi and TV provides quality calibration to get your video and audio equipment looking and sounding their best. Our calibration services include projectors, flat-panel TVs, and audio equipment typically part of home theater systems.  

All of our work is done by our own ISF Level III certified technician.

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