We  get a lot of requests for manuals that were shipped with Snell Acoustics equipment, so we maintain this document archive.

We are continuing to upload new manuals as we find them in the document archive we obtained from Snell Acoustics in 2010.  So, if you don't see a manual that you need,contact us and we might be able to find it and add it to the archive.

And, while we are glad to be able to be able to distribute these, we are not responsible for the content. Some of these manuals date back to the 1970s, so keep in mind, there is contact information for Snell Acoustics that is no longer valid. This documentation is here for the value it provides to the specific equipment.

​Please note:  While we also receive many requests for schematics, we can not (and do not) distribute them. Due to our agreement with the owner of Snell Acoustics, Atomic HiFi and TV is not allowed to release any proprietary documentation, including amplifier or crossover schematics.

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Snell Acoustics Product Manuals

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