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Access all your media - movies, music, and favorite TV shows - from anywhere in your home.

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Hidden Treats

Keep your rooms clutter free and looking sleek by hiding your electronics, at least until you want to show them off!  Some of these accessories even protect your investment along with your style...

Middle Atlantic Home Theater Equipment Racks
Future Automation Home Theater Accessories
Universal Remote Control Home Theater Automation
Genelic Home Theater Speakers and Audio Equipment
Integra Home Theater Speakers and Audio Equipment
Denon Home Theater Receivers and Audio Equipment
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Ear Candy

We think the sound should match the image to make the experience complete. So don't skimp in the audio department...

Eye Candy

We sell only the highest performance projectors and flat panel TVs. Not to mention, best in class film screens for the perfect picture. And yes, the screens can be BIG!

Products & Installation

Whether you want a flat-panel TV for your family room or man-cave, or maybe you want to be able to lower the shades, dim the lights and start the music all with the push of a shag-a-rific button - we can help! Well, actually, we can design a system and it install it for you. Below is a sample of eye and ear candy for all tastes. And if things get too hot in there, we can adjust that too.

Surgex Ametek Home Theater Electronics Power Protection
Sonos Home Theater Media Streaming
Schneider Optics Home Theater Lenses
Tivo Home Theater Media Streaming
Screen Innovations Home Theater Screens
Draper Projection Home Theater Screens
Wilson Electronics Mobile Signal Booster
Kaleidescape Home Media Movie Server
UBiQUiTi Home Theater Automation Networking

Style and Comfort

Wrap yourself in style with a great home theater design, including sleek acoustic panels and treatments, as well as comfortable home theater style seating. 

Fortress Seating Home Theater Seating and Chairs

Installation Services

Not only can we help you choose the electronics you are looking for, but we can also install everything, hook it together, and bring your home theater to life!

Our Products

We partner with fantastic providers of custom home theater electronics.  We have a good mix of proven, go-to brands and up and coming, trend setters.  Links to websites are below for you to peruse on your own.  Or get in touch with us to talk about what you're looking for and maybe we can help.

Torus Power Home Theater Power Conditioners
Wall Smart
Mobotix Video Security
Crestron Home Automation and Home Theater Automation
Lutron Home Automation

Save Your Fingers

We know you have to turn a lot of things on and off when you have a home theater system. That can be a lot of separate remotes, but it doesn't have to be!

Sonance Home Theater Speakers and Audio Equipment
Pioneer Home Theater Speakers and Audio Equipment
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