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Home Theater and Streaming Video
Home Theater and Streaming Video

Home Automation

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Listen to your music wherever you want; indoors or out.

Home Theater

Home Theater and Streaming Video

Whole Home Audio

Watch a brilliant picture in any part of your home and access all of your favorite movies, tv shows, and subscriptions anywhere... any time.

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Shades and Drapery

Home Theater and Streaming Video

Let the natural light and enjoy your privacy.  Custom shades and drapery add an elegant touch and increase the climate efficiency of your home.

We look forward to working with you to integrate technology into your home to help you realize your own dream of a modern, atomic age home!

Bring every switch, button, or knob within reach no matter where you are in your home or in the world.

An interactive home is a modern-day reality. At Atomic HiFi and TV, our passion is helping people bring their home to life through the experience of home automation, whole home audio, and cinema quality video.  Have a look around and see how we might be able to help you.

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