Atomic HiFi and TV Logo
Atomic HiFi and TV Logo

​We look forward to working with you to integrate technology into your home to help you realize your own dream of a modern Atomic Age!

Post Warranty Service

​​​Atomic HiFi and TV performs post warranty service for the following, select set of high performance projector brands: SIM2, Pioneer, Madrigal Imaging, JVC, Christie Digital, and Electrohome/Marquee.

Calibration and Service

Video and Audio Calibration

​​​Atomic HiFi and TV provides quality calibration and repair services to high performance video and audio equipment, including video projectors, flat-panel televisions, and audio equipment typically part of home theater systems.  All of our work is done by our own ISF Level II certified technician.  Everything we repair is fully burn tested for quality and functionality.

​​​​​​​Visit our Demo Room: 20 Main Street, Ashland, MA  01721, USA