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​​Steven "paid his dues" working his way through college as a stereo repair technician in Harvard Square, Boston, MA. You'd be amazed at the vintage equipment that passed through his hands. He earned his BS in Electrical Engineering Technology, and was the lead engineer at HI-REZ Projections from 1997 until it's end. After being their first full time employee, he is now at the helm of the operation, making more than 20 years of experience in the home theater industry. But really, Steve has been dabbling in home theater before it was called "home theater."

Crestron 4K Digital Media Certified

​Steven Flynn has been tinkering with electronics since he was able to open a toolbox. He was formally introduced to the audio/video industry during high school, by his first employer, Kloss Video, one of the earliest manufacturers of consumer home theater projectors. He also worked at Sound Concepts, which not only built one of the first surround sound audio processors, but also built equalization boxes for the Bose 901 speaker and the Burhoe Ruby speaker.

Crestron Digital Media Certified Engineer

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​We look forward to working with you to integrate technology into your home to help you realize your own dream of a modern Atomic Age!

Now, with Atomic HiFi and TV, Steven can focus on designing high performance home theaters, and providing more personalized, end-to-end, home automation services. We are especially grateful for our family of long-standing clients, as well as having attracted attention from people who's personal preference or occupation requires a depth and breadth of experience in home integration that only a boutique company can provide. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the Atomic family!

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